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About our school

Our little school, Helen's Playschool, is just one step away from home where we aim to provide enormous love, care and nurturing. The playschool is in the cosy suburb of Rivonia, Sandton, in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are essentially a Grade 0000. Children must be 2 turning 3 during the year. Our class consists of 16-17 children. I, Helen, do all the 'teaching' with two assistants who are experienced and trained in childcare and first aid. Our school week runs from a Monday to Thursday, 08:00 am until 12:00 pm and we follow South African private school holidays.

Each child needs to feel safe, comfortable and happy in our environment in order to learn effectively. Learning takes place through play, which is so vital at this age. Two and a half and Three year olds learn social skills, assertiveness, sharing etc. - which are all life skills. Imaginative play is initiated by us until the little ones become confident enough to play creatively in a fantasy world.

Emphasis is placed on exploration of the FIVE senses to heighten their awareness to touch, taste etc. We spend time daily talking about emotions. Here is just one example:

Jack is feeling sad because his daddy has gone to work.
Jenny is left out of the game. How do you think she feels?

In this way, compassion and empathy are taught.

We concentrate heavily on developing the large muscles of the body i.e. gross motor, as this impact directly on fine motor skills, concentration etc. Children need to feel competent using all playground equipment so that they can move easily into a bigger school the following year.

We are a Christian based school but we do honour all other religions.
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