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Our Daily Routine

8:15 – 09:00 – Free play

The children can play inside or out with a variety of activities that are set out daily eg puzzles, playdough blocks etc.

09:05 – 09:30 – Morning ring

All the children are sitting on their cushions in a circle. We start the day with our “greeting” song, followed by breathing exercises and a game involving physical movements eg. “Simon says…”
Special news is discussed as well as the weather etc.

09:35 – 10:00 – Wee and wash time

Reinforce importance of washing hands and personal hygiene. Those children still in nappies to be changed after tea time.

10:10 – 10:35 – Tea time

Children sit at a table in front of their own lunchbox and water bottle. At this time, food groups are discussed plus colours, shapes etc. Sharing is encouraged if need e as well as good manners, packing away and social skills along with appropriate behavior.

10:40 – 11:05 – Group work

This can be in the form of art, baking or perceptual skills takes place. Fantasy play is initiated.

11:10 – 11:35 – Gross motor skills

This type of play happens on jungle gyms, soft play equipment and on the bikes.

11:40 – 12:00 – Clean up time

Clean up time and closing off with a story or music or silent reading.

In the second term we start “Playball” and “Bakerman”

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